What is Found Art?

What if there was a way to heal the world -- to bring joy and peace to the planet -- and all it required was a few slips a paper and few minutes of your time? This healing won't happen in an instant. It is not a wand-waving magic trick. For Found Art! members, these slips of paper are one small way they can make this world a better place.

Found Art! encourages people around the world to share their poems, favorite quotes, illustrations, collages, paintings, stick-figure drawings, etc. with the larger community. This can be done using little slips of paper, sometimes in the form of manila mailing tags. Others use plaster, fabric, or yarn to weave their creations. These mini works of art are left in public places -- tied on to trees, left on tables in restaurants or hospital waiting rooms, left in books being returned to libraries -- or given to friends, neighbors, strangers who look like they could use a smile.

This is not a project solely for "authors" and "artists". This is a project for everyone! Poet Muriel Rukeyser once said, "A work of art is one through which . . . the artist is able to give [her] emotions to anyone who is prepared to receive them. There is no such thing as bad art." Art is an expression of the soul. When souls meet, people change and the world changes.

Each piece of art represents one hand reaching out to another. What is your first thought after someone does something nice for you? Often people wish to "return the favor"? But how do you return the favor when you don't know who your benefactor is? This is the decision of those who find the anonymous works of art. No response to the artist is required, or even possible, so finders often find other ways to give back. And thus, the ripple of joy begins.

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